If you are working on React Native, here is a list of 3 React Native build and development components you should know.

1.React Native Module for CodePush

This plugin provides client-side integration for the CodePush service, allowing you to easily add a dynamic update experience to your React Native app(s)

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2. Reactotron

A macOS, Windows, and Linux app for inspecting your React JS and React Native apps.

Use it to:

  • view your application state
  • show API requests & responses
  • perform quick performance benchmarks
  • subscribe to parts of your application state
  • display messages similar to console.log
  • track global errors with source-mapped stack traces including saga stack traces!
  • dispatch actions like a government-run mind control experiment
  • hot swap your app’s state
  • track your sagas
  • show image overlay in React Native
  • track your Async Storage in React Native

You plug it into your app as a dev dependency so it adds nothing to your product builds.

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3. React native webpack server

react-native-webpack-server is a development server that leverages the Webpack Dev Server and the React Packager to enable building React Native JavaScript bundles with webpack. This allows you to use the existing webpack ecosystem when targeting React Native.

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