This is Reactive Search – a UI components library for Elasticsearch (v2). These components are more configurable, lighter and performant.

The whole source code can be browsed on GitHub. It’s licensed under Apache version 2.0.

There are over 30 different components such as a range slider, a rating filter, a data search UI, etc. Showing the results in a variety of different ways. These components are styled and offer customizable Elasticsearch queries.

Not only that, you can create your own components: for instance, if you are following a design kit, or if you have an existing UI, you can bring those components into Reactive Search.

Designer templates for sketch are also offered so that you can create accurate mock-ups for Reactive Search UIs.

Moreover, Up to 10x time savings when using Reactive Search.

The resulting code is much smaller resulting in faster iteration cycles and fewer edge cases to solve. You can build a live app in less than 5 minutes.

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