This is React pinterest was shared by Jon Parise. As ReactJS continues to increase in popularity for both startups and large-scale technology companies, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to add Pinterest content onto these sites. This helps both you and us. The more content you drive into Pinterest, the more traffic you get in return. React brings widgets to a whole new level, and we are excited to introduce a React component collection of our already popular Pinterest widgets.


npm install react-pinterest --save

The full list of available widgets are:

  • Pin It Button
  • Pinterest Follow Button
  • Pinterest Pin Widget
  • Pinterest Profile Widget
  • Pinterest Board Widget
  • Pinterest Grid

Pin It Button

prop type default notes
type string ‘any’ enum of { ‘any’, ‘one’ }
color string ‘grey’ enum of { ‘red’, ‘white’, ‘grey’ }
large boolean false is large sized button
round boolean false is circular button

The following props are specific for type=”one”. Each prop refers to the Pin to be pinned on click. If pin is specified, it will be a repin, otherwise it will create a new Pin using media, url, and description.

prop type notes
pin string the id of the Pin to repin
media string the image url of the Pin to create
url string the link back of the Pin to create
description string the description of the Pin to create


import { PinItButton } from 'react-pinterest';

// To create a Pin one Pin It button
<PinItButton type="one" media="" url="" description="Example Stuff"/>

// To Create a repin Pin It button
<PinItButton type="one" pin="356417757988637350" />

// To Create a Pin any Pin It Button: opens the image picker overlay
<PinItButton type="any" />
<PinItButton type="any" color="white" />
<PinItButton type="any" color="white" large={true}/>
<PinItButton type="any" color="red" />
<PinItButton type="any" color="red" large={true} />
<PinItButton type="any" round={true} />
<PinItButton type="any" round={true} large={true} />

Pinterest Follow Button

prop type notes
board string the board slug of the board to follow (<username>/<board_name>)
user string the username of the user to follow

Choose either a board or user to follow. If both are specificed, board will be used.


import { PinterestFollowButton } from 'react-pinterest';

// To create a board follow button
<PinterestFollowButton board="pinterest/official-news">Official News</PinterestFollowButton>

// To create a profile follow button
<PinterestFollowButton user="pinterest">Pinterest</PinterestFollowButton>

Pinterest Pin Widget

prop type default notes
pin string required the id of the Pin to display
size string ‘small’ enum of { ‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’ }
lang string ‘en’ language code for Pin


import { PinterestPinWidget } from 'react-pinterest';

// Pin Widgets default to small
<PinterestPinWidget pin="530158187357124374" />
<PinterestPinWidget size="medium" pin="530158187357124374" />
<PinterestPinWidget size="large" pin="530158187357124374" />

Pinterest Board Widget

prop type default notes
board string required the board slug of the board (<username>/<board_name>)
width number required the width of the board widget
height number required the height of the board widget
columns number required the number of columns in the grid


import { PinterestBoardWidget } from 'react-pinterest';

<PinterestBoardWidget board="pinterest/official-news" width={300} height={300} columns={5} />

Pinterest Profile Widget

prop type default notes
user string required the username of the profile
width number required the width of the board widget
height number required the height of the board widget
columns number required the number of columns in the grid


import { PinterestProfileWidget } from 'react-pinterest';

<PinterestProfileWidget user="pinterest" width={300} height={300} columns={5} />

Pinterest Grid

prop type default notes
gutter number 0 the margin between grid elements
columns number ? the number of columns to use in the grid, if unspecified it will guess based on the width of the first grid element


import { PinterestGrid, PinterestPinWidget } from 'react-pinterest';

<PinterestGrid gutter={gutter}>
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="530158187357124374" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="356417757989339525" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="356417757986524080" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="356417757986724718" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="356417757988564358" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="356417757988206582" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="202802789445693269" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="89438742571585339" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="232850243203755319" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="137008013639035297" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="264797653065817757" />
    <PinterestPinWidget pin="144467100519920447" />

Running the example

npm install; cd examples; node server.js

Then open http://localhost:3000

Try adding a query param to change the PinterestPinWidget size ?size=medium or ?size=large



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