React Native Navigation
provides 100% native platform navigation on both iOS and Android for React Native apps. The JavaScript API is simple and cross-platform – just install it in your app and give your users the native feel they deserve. Using redux? No problem: React Native Navigation comes with optional redux support out of the box. Ready to get started? Check out the docs.

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One of the major things missing from React Native core is fully featured native navigation. Navigation includes the entire skeleton of your app with critical components like nav bars, tab bars and side menu drawers.

If you’re trying to deliver a user experience that’s on par with the best native apps out there, you simply can’t compromise on JS-based components trying to fake the real thing.

For example, this package replaces the native NavigatorIOS that has been abandoned in favor of JS-based solutions that are easier to maintain. For more details see in-depth discussion here.


The MIT License.

Check it out >>> React Native Navigation @ Github