To help you learning React Native better. In this post, I would like to share with you 6 great tutorials and apps about React Native animations I have known from the internet. Let’s get started!

1.React Native Animations Using the Animated API

Getting up and running with React Native Animations. The recommended way to animate in React Native for most cases is by using the Animated API.

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2. Animation Kit – React Native Full Theme

Animation Theme is the most complete UI App. It includes more than 4+ UI screens, such as: Welcome, Sign In, Home, Menu etc… Includes a detailed documentation.
Handcrafted by Professionals, this UI Theme React Native includes tons of different components to build the app. It takes 15$ to buy the premium version.

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3. React native animatable

Easy to use declarative transitions and a standard set of animations for React Native

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4. Practical Animation Examples in React Native

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to implement animations that are commonly used in mobile apps. Specifically, you’re going to learn how to implement animations that:

  • Provide visual feedback: for example, when a user presses a button, you want to use animations to show the user that the button is indeed being pressed.
  • Show the current system status: when performing a process that doesn’t finish instantly (e.g. when uploading a photo or sending an email), you want to show an animation so the user has an idea how long the process will take.
  • Visually connect transition states: when a user presses a button to bring something to the front of the screen, this transition should be animated so the user knows where the element originated.
  • Grab the user’s attention: when there’s an important notification, you can use animations to grab the user’s attention.

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5. A React-Native login animation example

This is a simple demo of a login/signup animation built with react-native, inspired by the Dropbox Material Redesign Concept by Sam Atmore.
This repository contains the source code used to run the animation.

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6. Playing with React Native Animations

We’ll create a few bars that animate in and constantly change their size. Here’s what our end result will be Interested in giving it a shot? Let’s get to it.

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