Here are 5 Real mobile app tutorials I’ve collected on the internet, just want to share here because it might be useful for others learning React Native.

1. How to make Facebook reactions in React Native

Facebook reactions is a new liking system that Facebook is trialing on a limited basis. Why wait for them to roll it out when we can roll it out ourselves.

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2. React Native – Movie App

Let’s discover Movies and TV shows.

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3. The essential boilerplate to authenticate users on your React-Native app

The main goal of this article is to show you how to create and setup a few useful services to improve the life cycle of your app, to authenticate a user and access protected resources.

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4. Pushy Vertical Menu – Animation Effect

  • The idea for making pushy vertical menu with React Native. This is just a simple project to show you the idea how to implement a menu by yourself.
  • It helps you create the pushy vertical menu quickly and professionally. It’s easy to customize and develop.

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5. How to Build a Cross-Platform Blog Using React Native and Node.js

In this article I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily create a cross-platform blog that will connect your content across Web, iOS and Android. With content powered by Cosmic JS, you will be able to edit your content once and deliver the updates simultaneously across all devices and platforms. Let’s get started.

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