The most popular React Native articles past 2 weeks should be known for React Native developers. They got most viewed, commented and socially active on the internet. Hope they helpful for you.

1. React Native & iPhone X

This article was written by Nader Dabit and published on his medium. he talked about SafeAreaView. With SafeAreaView, you can easily update your existing codebase to be integrated with the iPhone X without a lot of headaches.

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2. How to use Particles to enhance your AR app using ARKit & React Native

This tutorial is a step by step guide for using particles to enhance an AR application. Our goal by the end of this tutorial is to:
– Add a flame to a candle on a birthday cake
– Add smoke effects to an emoji
– Create a fireball emoji

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3. React Testing Done Right

Testing is always a problem that we have to face sooner or later if we want our software to be more than a prototype.
React components have some peculiarities that make testing them different from ordinary classes. People tend to create complicated tests with numerous libraries while React and jest provide all the tools (renderers, snapshots, coverage, …) that we need to deal with this peculiarities and more.
In this article, I’ll present a series of concepts regarding testing best practices together with examples. At the same time, I’ve created a project containing all the code presented here and more:

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4. The power of components

When you combine React Native with a design system, great things can happen. Why? Because they both leverage the power of components. And what great things will happen?

  • Your cross-platform apps (that work on different platforms, like Android and iOS) can offer a non-compromising, native user experience.
  • You can seriously boost productivity, as design and development grow closer together.

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5. Boost Your User Experience with Lottie for React Native

This is a technical post about Lottie for React Native — a mobile library for animating your user interface and telling the user stories from a whole new perspective.
What is it all about Lottie?
Lottie is a library for mobile devices that offers for the team a capability of converting After Effects animations to the screen. And under the hood, it’s only a single file exported as JSON with Bodymovin plugin. The end result is pure vector magic so no need to worry about screen sizes.
It’s true that animations have existed since day one. And for React Native there is a native component solution as Animated or libraries like react-native-svg. And we can always do GIF animations, right?
But, as an experienced React Native and mobile developer, I can claim that none of these choices are able to offer you the same look & feel that Lottie can. The performance, all the available resources, and the proud feeling your team‘s designers will reach with Lottie is the main reason I’m now writing this post.

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