Here is a list of 4 tutorials about React Native HTTP I have collected from the internet to help you learning React Native faster.

1.Make HTTP Requests In iOS With React Native

The Facebook documentation for React Native has a tutorial for getting movie data from a remote API. However, it hardly explained how to customize the HTTP request. In fact, I found that a lot of the internet was missing clear cut documentation for RESTful requests with React.

This article should clear things up!

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2. Fetch API

This document contains examples and API specifications of our network module and newly introduced fetch replacement, basically they’re providing the same functionalities, however, the fetch replacement provides a much more familiar development experience.

RNFetchBlob Fetch Diagram

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3. React native fetch blob

A project committed to making file access and data transfer easier and more efficient for React Native developers.


  • Transfer data directly from/to storage without BASE64 bridging
  • File API supports regular files, Asset files, and CameraRoll files
  • Native-to-native file manipulation API, reduce JS bridging performance loss
  • File stream support for dealing with large file
  • Blob, File, XMLHttpRequest polyfills that make browser-based library available in RN (experimental)
  • JSON stream supported base on Oboe.js @jimhigson

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4. Storing Data From API with Redux in React Native Apps

Learn how to use Redux to store and manage the data in React Native apps.

In this tutorial we’re going to connect two pieces of a puzzle together:

  1. Movie Tickets Booking App with React Native
  2. API Backend with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.

And update Movie Tickets Booking app to use API Backend to fetch the data instead of having it hardcoded in javascript files, and to use Redux to store and manage the data.

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Compilation by Atom ID