Here is a list of 4 examples React Native scrollview I have found on the internet. These examples will help you learning React native better.

1. React Native ScrollView animated header

Here’s a walkthrough that shows how to build a header that is animated with the scroll position of a ScrollView. I had to build something similar for an app and found out that it was really easy to do in React Native using the Animated API.

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2. React native parallax scrollview

ScrollView-like component that:

  • Has a parallax header
  • Has an optional sticky header
  • Is composable with any component that expects a ScrollView (e.g. ListView or InfiniteScrollView)
  • Can be nested within other views
  • Works on iOS and Android

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iOS Android


3. An invertible ScrollView for React Native

InvertibleScrollView is a React Native scroll view that can be inverted so that content is rendered starting from the bottom, and the user must scroll down to reveal more. This is a common design in chat applications and the command-line terminals. InvertibleScrollView also supports horizontal scroll views to present content from right to left.

It conforms to ScrollableMixin so you can compose it with other scrollable components.

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4. React native keyboard aware scrollview

A ScrollView component that handles keyboard appearance and automatically scrolls to focused TextInput.

Scroll demo

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