Are you learning React Native? Are you finding React Native components? I have collected 3 React native tutorials to let you know how to create a list in React Native.

1. A simple React Native Selection List

“A few weeks ago I was looking for a component that transitioned to a list scene allow the user to make a selection from the list and transition back. While looking for such component, I stumbled onto a couple of interesting components that solved this problem a little differently and I really liked how easy it was to implement them. react-native-modal-dropdown and react-native-list-view-select are components would strongly consider using in my future projects. However, I couldn’t find the component I was looking for so I built my own, using a router and a ListView component…”

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2. React Native Basics: How to Use the ListView Component

“Basically it’s a way to create an efficient scrolling component. It’s driven by a data blob and, theoretically, can be infinitely long. Whereas the other core scrollable component, ScrollView, may run into performance issues for very long lists. ListView actually uses a ScrollView as it’s scrollable component behind the scenes, by default, so you can do all of this with a ScrollView if you want to build your own abstraction. ListView is an abstraction that adds a lot of nice things and optimization on top of ScrollView…”

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3. React native swipe listview

<SwipeListView> is a ListView with rows that swipe open and closed. Handles default native behavior such as closing rows when ListView is scrolled or when other rows are opened.

Also includes <SwipeRow> if you want to use a swipeable row outside of the <SwipeListView>

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Compilation by Atom ID