Nowadays, React Native is a trend for mobile developers. Day by day, it has a lot of developers use React Native in the world and React Native community are becoming larger. Let’s get started with 3 videos below, they will show you how to begin with React Native.

1. Introduction to React Native – Building a React Native app from scratch

“We cover all the files generated in a React Native project and where the important lines of code are. How to build wrapper components to make laying out mobile UI’s easier. How to work with ListView’s to render data collections. How to install different packages to extend the framework past it’s native capabilities. How to work with the Navigator component and create transitions between different screens, and finally how to work with the TabBarIOS component to create a full iOS application template that anyone can use to build robust mobile apps.”

2. React Native Crash Course

In this video we will look at what React Native is, we will setup the CLI, initialize an application and look at some key aspects of the React Native framework. We’ll be using Windows / Android but you can follow on Mac and iOS as well.

Components, State & Props
View & Text
Touchable Elements

3. React.js Conf 2015 Keynote – Introducing React Native

This video published 2 years ago. But it still useful for React native beginners.

“Tom Occhino reviews the past and present of React in 2015, and teases where it’s going next.”


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