You are learning React Native and you want to build a news app with React Native. Let’s see 3 news apps below they will help you learn better and build a news app faster.

1. News React Native

This app using react-native-start-kit ( reader for iOS and Android, made with React-Native.

2. React Native Hacker News

React Native-based Hacker News reading app. Uses hacker-news-mobile-api. This app is a descendent of my isomorphic React-based Hacker News mobile web app, hacker-news-mobile

3. BBC UI – React Native Full Theme

BBC UI Theme is the most complete News UI App. It includes more than 12+ UI screens, such as: Home, Category, Post, Notification, Search, Sign Up with Facebook login… etc… Includes a detailed documentation.

>>> Check it out: Here

Compilation by Atom ID