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3 Examples React Native Webview for Beginner


React Native is a framework for building mobile apps using React  (JavaScript ES6). It has support for building mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. We have collected a list of 3 examples React native webview for beginner who want to learn React Native.

1.React native webview for android

Simple React Native Android module to use Android’s WebView inside your app (with experimental html file input support to handle file uploads in forms).

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2. React native display html

Display HTML content in an automatically sized webview and eases javascript injection inside it. The motivation behind this is to stop parsing HTML to render it as native components. It might work on simple HTML when you have the freedom of tweaking it, but on much more complex HTML… it’s just not possible yet. Don’t even get me started on platform’s specific rendering issues (don’t you ever render an image inside a text component on Android.

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3. WebView with React-Native

In this post has a shell for loading any url in WebView with React-Native.  Lets begin with generating the application structure :

$ react-native init WebviewShell

This will generate all necessary files for a iOS application. You can test this by building this application via Xcode.

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