React Native is an awesome open source framework, that uses Javascript to let you create — without too much effort — Android and iOS applications at once. So, what should you do to learn it properly?

We’ve compiled a list of 10 React Native articles for anyone wanting to learn React Native. They will get you up and run with React Native quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build React components for mobile devices.

1. React Native Tutorial: Building Apps with JavaScript

This tutorial has been updated to React Native 0.34 by Tom Elliot. The original tutorial was written by iOS Team member Colin Eberhardt. In this React Native Tutorial you’ll learn about a framework for building native iOS and Android applications from Facebook, based on the same principals behind their hugely popular React Javascript Framework for building declarative user interfaces.

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2. Getting Started with React Native in 20 Minutes

One of the big selling points of React Native, aside from its technical abilities, is its emphasis on good DX- Developer Experience. Not as often discussed as UX, but when it comes down to it, a very important part of delivering high quality apps quickly and efficiently.

So let’s put React Native’s DX to the test, and see if we can set up a simple login app, with cookie management, in under 20 minutes.

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3. Routing and Navigation in React Native

In this article will let you know what React native navigation and routing are.

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4. React Native Layout System

The layout system is a fundamental concept that needs to be mastered in order to create great layouts and UIs. React Native uses Flexbox to create the layouts, which is great when we need to accommodate our components and views in different screen sizes or even different devices.

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5. Make HTTP Requests In iOS With React Native

The Facebook documentation for React Native has (or had at the time of writing this) a tutorial for getting movie data from a remote API.  However, it hardly explained how to customize the HTTP request.  In fact, I found that a lot of the internet was missing clear cut documentation for RESTful requests with React.

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6. How to Create a News Reader With React Native: Setup and News Item Component

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a news reader app with React Native. In this two-part series, I’m going to assume that this isn’t your first React Native app and I won’t go too much into detail regarding setting up your machine and running the app on a device. That said, I explain the actual development process in detail.

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7. React Native Animations Using the Animated API

In this tutorial, We will show you how to run with React Native Animations
The recommended way to animate in React Native for most cases is by using the Animated API.

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8. Dynamic Animated Lists in React Native

Would you like to add some visual sugar to your dynamic lists in React Native? Do you want to create a pleasant visual experience for users of your application? Here’s a tutorial that will give you a step by step approach to creating your own dynamic animated ListView in React Native.

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9. React Native – How to create Twitter exploding hearts

In this tutorial, We will let you know how to create Twitter exploding hearts

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10. React Native’s LayoutAnimation

In this example, I have a complex view with three possible states. Heights, widths, and item counts are rendered based on the state `index`, determined by which button is selected.

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